Among the Roots is a community of learners, adventurers and storytellers. We aspire to share words and images that educate, captivate, inspire and motivate not only ourselves but those around us. We are edgy and fun, nerdy and wild, and hungry for a different perspective.

Are you a lyrical gangster? A poetic ninja? Do you paint with words and know a thing or two about a thing or two? Do you live in a van full time or live off-grid? Did you wave goodbye to your friends, family, and home to pursue your dream? Are you a photographer that can tell a story through imagery? Do you have a story that nobody else has?

Of course you are/can/do! And we want to share that with our community.

We are looking for submissions that relate to the ideals mentioned in our ABOUT section: simplicity, minimalist living, traveling, non-conformity, homeschooling, hand-crafted art/artisans, rustic and/or primitive ways of living, real food, human connection, rust & dust, rule-breakers, life-livers, rebellious acts of freedom, giving a huge middle finger to society’s expectations and carving a path of our own…. etc.

If you have any value to offer in these areas, we want to hear from you!


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