Among the Roots


Simplified living. Abundant life.


AMONG THE ROOTS is a collective. Welcome to the online community of Earth dwellers and storytellers, of life-livers and free-thinkers.

Living a rooted life means believing in simplicity, minimalism, utilitarianism, and bare feet. We live off the beaten path and are nostalgic for a time when happiness came from fresh air and sunshine, physical books, and strong cups of coffee.

We are travelers, rebels, adventurers, vagabonds, non-conformists, nomads, artisans, home-educators, DIYers, hand-crafters, entrepreneurs, and stewards of the Earth. 

We believe in the power of real food, and technology-free conversations.

We are homegrown. We are the rooted ones.

ROOTS are our foundation. Roots are our beginnings, our heritage, and our origin. Under the surface, among the roots, is where everything is connected. What happens to one, happens to all. With increased urbanization and industrialized ways of living, we are losing our connection to our most basic and primitive instincts. As a race we have become detached from our land, our families, our education, our food, our ecosystems, the clothes we wear, and even our own bodies. We inject chemicals in to our skin to get rid of wrinkles, we over-consume and destroy the planet, we eat animals who have suffered mercilessly behind closed doors. We are detached. We are divided.

AMONG THE ROOTS wants to change that. We aim to uncover the folks who have turned away from the current state of cultural disorder and have opted for a more life-affirming lifestyle. We want to share their stories and inspire others to return to the most basic elements that are essential to our core -friends and family, adventure, real food, rustic places, time spent in nature- the things that we literally grow from, at our very roots. We want to create a movement to take back our souls. We are all just two feet and a heartbeat. Join us in remembering who we are.

Maybe you are searching among the branches

for what only appears in the roots.  -Rumi

Sarah Mickulesku


Sarah Mickulesku – Founder, Curator

Sarah Mickulesku is the founder and curator of Among the Roots. She’s a mother of two, nature lover, home-educator and non-conformist. Sarah received her BA in Journalism from Metro State University and is a regular contributor at, as well as a published children’s book author and lover of all things vintage and handmade. When she’s not holding it down at Among the Roots, she spends most of her time immersed in the forest. She currently lives in Denver.


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